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SERP Strategies brings over 20 years of experience in digital media creation and publication.  This includes over 10 years of dedicated SEO execution and building in-house rock star teams.

Strategies That Work

We bring an innate understanding of the entire software development life cycle.  As a result your deliverables are custom designed for you and the abilities of your organization.


Bringing together marketing, technology and sales is never an easy task.  These three practices are crucial to online domination.  We can break down the impact and communicate best practices to multiple teams.

Best In Class Services That Provide Big Impact

It takes more then a pretty powerpoint presentation to have an impact.  First and foremost you need to have a connection with your audience and establish respect with credentials and communication.  Delivering industry standards to engineering is completely different then talking about best practices to your content development group or marketing executives.  Some common deliverables include…

  • SEO Best Practices
  • Website Redesign & Migration
  • Analytics / Search Console Insights
  • Custom Forensics
  • Mobile Website Consulting
  • Website Audit
  • Team Expansion
  • Custom Link Building Strategies
  • Infrastructure Consulting
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Competitive Analysis
  • International Website Consulting
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Process / Reporting Analysis
  • Public Speaking
  • Custom Projects

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What others say about us

When engaging in a conversation with Brian on search marketing, it is clear that he has a true passion for the industry and is constantly pushing the envelope to find better results. I strongly recommend Brian – he would be a great asset to any team.

Alejandro Piekarewicz
Alejandro PiekarewiczVice President at Wells Fargo SecuritiesLinkedIn

Brian is one of the top 1% in SEO knowledge and an absolute beast! It is also great when a once competitor can become a friend after the SEO battles have concluded.

Jason Owen
Jason OwenVice President, Acquisition Marketing at VivintLinkedIn

Brian is a solid SEO manager with cutting edge ideas. He also has a strong technical understanding. Brian is an asset to any seo project.

Amy Dunphy
Amy DunphySoftware Principle Engineer at Dell Software GroupLinkedIn

My experiences with Brian have always been positive. He knows his stuff…and by stuff I mean data analytics and internet marketing…on a level few will ever reach.

Vincent Ammirato
Vincent AmmiratoDigital Marketing Director at Command PartnersLinkedIn

He is constantly in front of the curve with regards to SEO strategies and practices. I have often wondered if Brian has an “in” at Google such that he is getting inside secrets…Brian is one of the most respected SEO’s in the industry

Ryan Currington
Ryan CurringtonDirector of Technology at Varda PartnersLinkedIn

Brian did great work on all projects we collaborated on here at Red Ventures. His knowledge on SEO is insane and he can explain it in laymen terms, which was a huge benefit to all team members.

Jake Mize
Jake MizeCreative Director at Red VenturesLinkedIn

Brian is a fantastic client to work for. He knows exactly what he wants and he is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I may have.

Valerie Mellema
Valerie MellemaCo-Founder, Words You WantLinkedIn

Hearing of talk about #SEOat office hrs is like listening to Kirk Hammet talk about shredding

Dan Kozikowski
Dan KozikowskiVice President of Networks at FirstMark CapitalLinkedIn

Brian is a reliable team member who dives into projects with a great amount of enthusiasm and has a proven history of delivering on time. He strives on new challenges and pulls those around him up.

Paul Kennard
Paul KennardVP of Marketing at Trident MarketingLinkedIn

About SERP Strategies

SERP Strategies was founded by Brian McDowell in 2015.

Brian spent the last 5 years working with the online strategies of the worlds largest brands.  Larger organizations require a different approach to establishing priorities and delivering forensics.  Finding experienced professionals with this depth of experience is extremely difficult.  From B2B, B2C, E-Commerce, Large Publishers, Sports and Entertainment, He has seen it all!

Brian also spent many years working for Red Ventures in the Charlotte, NC area.  Tenure at RV provided an aggressively competitive environment where he brought SEO from a proof of concept to a 10 person team in the matter of 2.5 years.  His team tested multiple strategies on over 50 sites to determine the sustainability of top rankings in the SERPs.  SEO is now a top function of the company and they recently received a $250 million strategic investment.

Since as far back as 1997 Brian has been developing custom in house technologies related to search marketing.  He personally built custom in-house tools at EMS, LendingTree and Red Ventures before there were any in the marketplace.  Many dedicated developers also helped to execute his designs while he managed the project from start to finish.

Prior to a dedicated focus on search marketing Brian focused his career on software development and web design.  This gave him the foundation for understanding the technical impacts of site infrastructures and the communication skills needed to understand and relate to development engineers.

For a more detailed breakdown of Brian McDowell’s credentials, visit his LinkedIn profile.

  • Data Driven Results

    Recommendations are meaningless without a road map for monitoring and reporting on the ROI.  I live by the mantra of “Always Be Testing”.  When we find a solution that wins based on statistical significance we should immediately start looking at ways to expand and build upon it.  We will help build the data insights that allow your company to make those difficult decisions.

  • Your Custom Toolbox

    Allow SERP Strategies to be a part of your custom toolbox.  We will also access and recommend additional tools to license, acquire or build based on your bandwidth and budget.

  • Corporate Solutions

    Enterprise deliverables require professional representation, communication and best in class delivery.  That is exactly what you can expect from our team.  SERP Strategies will focus on being a catalyst for synergy within your organization so we are all focused on the common goal of best in class web publishing.

  • Custom Insight

    Forensics are required in every service.  You can rest assured that we have experience in unearthing issues and low hanging fruit for your teams to tackle quickly.  We will articulate the risks and rewards for both action and inaction every step of the way.


Knowing your audience is critical for the preparation and delivery of consulting services.  Here at SERP Strategies we approach each deliverable as a unique opportunity to become a 3rd party evangelist for your entire organization.  We provide context that is easy to relate to from executive decision makers down to IT professionals, content creators, marketers and social media experts.

  • Audience size is not a problem.  From one to 23,000, we’ve done it all.
  • We are happy to come onsite for a day or just an in person analysis.  Email us for a quote.
  • We are always looking for other ways to discuss industry best practices and standards.  Let us know if you would like to collaborate together on your next webinar.
  • We are also closely knit to this industry.  If you are looking to hire an experienced search marketer or director of online media please let us know.  We would be happy to reach out to our network.